Back to blogging - expect some disjointed ramblings.....

After my first post last night I went to bed wondering what I actually wanted to do/achieve with this blogging experience. I came to the conclusion that I'd like this to be a personal kind of blog - one where people can get to know a bit about me & my experiences - hopefully that will make future posts seem less random & add some context to things that I say or blog about. I don't want a blog full of just random posts that are essentially just small snap-shots of what's going on in my head - from personal experience of reading blogs, I find that kinda boring. I like to know a bit about the person I'm reading about so that I can understand why they're posting what they are. So with a coffee in hand & iPod on blast, I'm about to immerse myself in a few days of blogging on some key experiences in my life up until this point in time. After that future blogs should become shorter & more concise & not ramblings about old experiences or events in my life. The areas I thought I'd cover will be around the following:

  • A bit more about myself (hopefully in this blog)
  • Australia
  • My son & Finland
  • Job hunting
  • Social media / networks
  • & possibly one on music (as it's so dear to my heart)

So, ME ......... With all the possible changes coming up in my life, I've made a concious effort to use my spare time more effectively & be a bit more productive. I see so many people blogging & always wonder where they get the time from, but then realise that I do indeed have the time - more than enough - I've just slipped in to a routine & bad habits which make me think I don't have the time, when in all honesty I've just been too lazy. I think that approaching the "big 3-0" & looking back on my past few years has also had an effect & has made me realise that's time to stop thinking about doing things & just get on & do them - or at least give them a try & see how things work out.

I'm an only child & from a pretty small family. There's pretty much me, my mum & my nan. There's an auntie, uncle & some cousins back in Poole, but haven't really been in contact with any of them in years. Although with Poole being the small place that it is, there's always the occasional awkward meeting of them in the street or in a pub etc.

From what my mum tells me I was a strange kind of child. I was the kind of kid that went up to complete strangers on the bus & introduced myself & started chatting about science or nature or something like that - whatever was going on in my head at that moment in time. I was the kinda kid that I'd probably want to punch in the head now if that happened to me!

So I guess that's me. I'm sure there were plenty of other interesting things I thought about last night, but my mind is now blank. Off to get some lunch & hopefully see the lil man on Skype & then may come back to write about Australia.

If you've read this far, thank you for bearing with me! :-)