On the move again..... Unfortunately, not to Finland (yet) :-/

So, the decision has been made & all the wheels are in motion - I'm unfortunately moving back to my home town of Poole! The plan when moving to London was to base myself here while I searched for jobs in Finland, & use the opportunity to earn more money (which hasn't worked), & use the location to make trips to Finland slightly easier/quicker (which has worked very well). Unfortunately, the convenience for occasional foreign travel doesn't outweigh the financial commitments that living in London brings. Normally this wouldn't be too much of an issue, but as I also pay out up to a quarter of my salary every month to my son & related travel costs, living here just isn't financially feasible. So in roughly 3 weeks time, I'll be Poole-bound yet again.

I'm fairly gutted about this as I've always loved London & wanted to live here, & have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far. But I guess I have to look at the positives - despite not really being financially better off in Poole (I lose my London allowance from work), I will at least have friends & family nearby, so will no longer have to be the hermit that I am at times in London when I have no cash to go out & do things. I'll also be back in one of the most beautiful places in the country for the summer, & away from the heat/humidity/stinking tube journeys that London bring in the summer months.

A move back to Poole had been on my mind, & a serious option, for a few months if I'm honest. But last month I was forced in to making a definitive decision. My flatmate came back from an Easter break & told me that his "(mental) health issues" had become worse recently (which had been VERY apparent over the previous few months) & that he wanted the flat back to himself. I consider myself a pretty decent & ideal flatmate, but due to his "issues" I don't think he'll ever actually manage to live with anyone for a decent amount of time, no matter how much of a decent person/flatmate they are. Due to my other commitments I'm not really in a position whereby I could fork out moving costs, deposit etc again & within London, so heading back home was what had to be done.

Poole - there are worse place to live

The HR area of the company I work for have been woeful & infuriating since I first left Poole for London (& I'm sure their inept processes & people will continue to haunt/hinder me when I move back), but I have to say that our Change area's management - my line manager, the programme manager & senior programme manager - have all been great. They been very understanding of my personal situation/commitments & have been happy to assist & get my move signed off. To be fair, it does mean that the company saves thousands per year having me based there as there's no London allowance to pay & desk space is half the cost it is in our headquarters in London. Travel costs will increase slightly, as will travel times (by quite a lot), but it's all swings & roundabouts, I guess.

So, all of the above means I'll be moving house for the 11th or 12th time (I forget what the exact number is) in the last 3-4 years. Quite a lot for someone that detests moving & enjoys being settled & having a bit of a routine. At least I have some great things to look forward to in the coming months to get me through it all. My last night in London will be spent at the O2, watching Watch The Throne - Kanye & Jay-Z's tour - with a good pal of mine. I then have my gorgeous boy coming over for 5 days at the end of June (flights all booked!), & then have my 30th birthday in July, for which a group of us are heading back up to London for a couple of days to hit up the Wireless festival

In the meantime, I'm continuing my Finland job hunt - still not to much avail unfortunately. I'm still spending numerous hours every week searching & applying for all sorts of roles over there, calling & emailing people & trying to add to my connections/contacts via Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. I'm sure something will come of it all eventually, but it is slightly demoralising constantly applying for so many things (a lot of which I'm very well qualified to do & would be excellent at), only to get endless rejection emails throughout the course of the following week(s). I shall continue to endeavour though.

My blogging has become a bit sporadic since starting, but no doubt I'll write something once I get back "home" & get settled etc. As usual, much love & thanks for reading.