Ex-pat Blog Website

Since I began my overseas search for jobs & information, I've searched for & come across numerous sites that offer advice & info on relocation - some of them very useful, some of them a complete waste of time. One of the better ones though is The Ex-pat Blog.

I'd previously used this site to get info on jobs, accommodation, places to stay/visit & even legal advice! The site itself, & the community that frequent the site have been great - some really understanding people, & people that are always willing to help & share their knowledge & experiences.

In the last week or so I received an email from Julien asking if fellow bloggers could help out with promoting the site via their own blogs as they were making some key additions to the site - mainly around additional forums for jobs & accommodation. The site now allows for country specific forums in both areas, & even allows job-seekers (such as myself) to upload their CV to the site & allow other members to review it (& hopefully use it to assist in finding/securing a job).

Some blurb about the site: Expat blog is a participative platform dedicated to expatriates and soon-to-be expatriates. The website is based on expatriates’ experiences all around the world. It is aimed at helping people living or wishing to live abroad. Expat blog provides free advice and information on living abroad: everyday life, formalities, visas, education, cost of living… It deals with all the important subjects for expatriates and the ones about to live in another country.

& some site figures: Expat blog in figures: More than 420 000 members 1.8 million visitors per month 206 countries and 400 big cities 1 500 members registered in Finland

The site also has a Twitter feed, as well as a Facebook page - be sure to check them out!