20 things I like & don't like

Over the last few weeks I've seen a couple of recurring subjects on Twitter - #20thingsIlike & #20thingsIdontlike. Some of the Tweets I saw I agreed with, others I didn't. So that got me thinking - what would I have on my lists? A perfect opportunity to have a think & a whinge! Now, I was going to post them on Twitter, but when the details are across 40 different tweets, some will undoubtedly get missed, ignored & just blend in to people's timelines. I had been debating blogging it, but thought that 20 things I like would be easy, but 20 things I don't like would be nowhere near enough - I'd need about 3,500! ....... But I've drafted this blog a few times & added things over a number of days as & when I think of them. As there's quite a few, I'm also going to try & keep the reasons & explanations quite short, but do feel free to comment on any. So, here goes.......

20 things I like (in no particular order).

1. My son. He's my life & my reason for getting up each morning.

2. Jurassic Park. My favourite film. Not the best film ever, but my favourite.

3. Kate Upton. Nuff said.

4. Decent friends. I don't have many, but those I do I love.

5. Pepsi Max. Soft drink of choice. Recently overcome a near 2 litre a day habit.

6. Hennessy. My drink of choice. Smooth & delicious.

7. Social media / interactions. See previous blog.

8. Apple products. I was a bit of a latecomer here. I only started getting involved when iPods came out, & really got involved once I got my first iPhone (3G). Now I own a MacBook Air, an iPad 3, an iPod Classic & an iPhone 5. They all perform different functions & I'd be absolutely lost without them (as sad as that is).

9. Music. Mainly hip-hop & Motown, but a true fan of any genuinely good music. Also a strong interest in music production & engineering. Rarely leave the house without my iPod. I could do a whole other, mind-numbingly long blog about my love for music.

10. Finland. The home of my son. Lovely country & some great people. I hope to be there permanently one day.

11. Perth. The nicer Australian version. Lived in this gorgeous place for a year. Would move back in a shot if I could. So many friends & so many good times there.

12. Football. Liverpool. Sport of choice. Grew up with it & love it.

13. News. I could (& do) sit & watch Sky News all day long (unless Kay Burley is presenting - she may go on my 'don't like' list!). I love to know what's going on around the world.

14. Movies. Film fan. & as like music, I have an interest in how a movie is produced etc. I tend to watch a film & look at production, direction, the script etc.

15. TV series. I'm not a big TV watcher (I don't actually own a TV), but I do love a good TV series. Personal favourites include; The West Wing, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead, The Wire, Game Of Thrones, Sherlock, I'm Alan Partridge, QI, Peep Show, Entourage, The League Of Gentlemen, The Mighty Boosh, Flight Of The Conchords, Spongebob Squarepants & a few others (although, by that list it does make me look as if I do actually watch quite a bit of tv).

16. Coffee. Was never really a coffee fan in the slightest, but the ex used to drink a fair bit & I slowly switched over to it from tea (typical Brit). Now I struggle to function each morning without a large cup of Gold Blend or a latte!

17. Hugs with someone I care about. Not enough of this happens these days.

18. Tattoos. I prefer "body art" as this is how I see it. I have a few myself & am hoping to eventually one day get a sleeve sorted that I've had planned for years. BUT..... something I dislike, mainly on women; ill thought out tattoos, cheesy tattoos (devils, Playboy symbols etc) & badly placed tattoos. i.e. if you're a woman with a red devil tattoo on her chest, please don't ever speak to me. Thanks.

19. Fashion/art/pop culture. No, not boring old 'high street fashion' (you won't find me dead dressing like half the country in some of that horrible & ridiculous shit). But genuine designer fashion, especially street fashion from NY & Japan. More of a modern art fan - Kaws, Takashi Murakami etc.

20. Space. Scares the shit out of me, but there is probably nothing more interesting than how/why we're all here & what's going on in the universe.

**EDIT** - Hot showers. As per coffee, I can't function in the mornings without a long, hot shower to wake me up.

20 things I don't like (in no particular order).

1. Racism. Any form. Especially 'casual' racism, where people make comments or tell jokes, but seem to think it's ok because they're either not offending anyone there or because they know black/Asian/Indian/etc people. Also, people that use racist terms in what they think is an ironic or funny way - no, not funny. & people that open a sentence with "I'm not a racist, BUT..." - yeah, that's likely to be the end of our conversation right there.

2. Seafood. Wish I loved it (as I live by the sea), but can't even walk past a seafood counter in a supermarket without vomiting.

3. Pretentiousness. Cannot stand it in the slightest. No need for it. Mainly the most insecure people are the most pretentious.

4. 'Reality' tv shows/stars. The scourge of modern life. If you aspire to be on any one of these shows, or aspire to be like Jordan, a Kardashian, or someone from 'TOWIE', there's a good chance I will not like you in the slightest & that you should probably have a good look at your life. An easy way for already rich people to make even more money from mentally ill people in most cases.

5. Ignorance. An infuriating trait in some people. I have little time for people that are not open to new things, ideas, & what is going on around them & the world. Also people that pre-conceived ideas & perceptions about things without actually knowing nothing abut the subject itself.

6. Being questioned. I hate justifying to people why I have said or done something. If I've done it, there's obviously a reason good enough for me.

7. People with no common sense. Know & have lived with far too many of these. Again, no excuse for it.

8. Text speak. This was acceptable about 10 years ago when text messages were limited to 140 characters. Now people have text plans, & even unlimited text messages, so there's no need for it - it's just laziness. If you ever write me an email or message on Facebook etc, & it's in text speak, don't ever expect a reply.

9. Improper use, or no use, of spelling, punctuation & grammar. As above. Mine is by no means perfect, but at least I'm not lazy with it & make the effort.

10. Unnecessary noise. See previous blog.

11. Unnecessary mess. I'm not OCD or anal about mess, but I am of the opinion that things have a place. This stops areas becoming messy & cluttered. Just common sense & decency.

12. Flying. This wouldn't have been on my list a few years ago. But having watched far too many episodes of Air Crash Investigations & having numerous bad flying experiences over the last couple of years, it's now on there.

13. Dressing up to go out for a drink. I will point blank refuse to go out for a drink if I have to 'dress up' i.e. have to put on shoes or something 'smart'. We're going for a drink, not a fucking fashion show. Links in to the hatred of pretentiousness.

14. Mr hair. Thick, curly & can do nothing with it. Also rapidly going very grey. Hence why I shave it regularly.

15. Dr Who. Most overrated tv show ever? Never liked it as a kid, like it even less as an adult.

16. ABBA. Most overrated group ever?

17. Assumptions. People that make comments about me, or other things, based on assumptions & not facts, especially when they don't actually know me or what they're talking about.

18. Mornings. Really not a morning person in the slightest. I struggle to get out of bed every single day of the week.

19. Religion. Atheist here. The cause of more wars & loss of life than pretty much anything else in history. Every religion contradicts itself & pretty much every one of them can be proved to be based on previous religions/beliefs/Gods. Lots more to it than that, but that could be a whole other blog in itself.

20. People that wear tracksuits or leggings as standard daywear. Just wrong on so many levels. Oh, & they look like twats (along with people that wear 'onsies').

Anybody out there agree or, dare I say it, disagree with any of them?

**EDIT** I also have to add two more to my 'don't like' list. Very important ones that I'd completely forgotten about.

- Cats. They don't like me, I don't like them. Evil little shits.

- Bowling. The most mundane & pointless 'sport' ever known to man. I'm not even that bad at it, just sodding hate it.

- Noisy eaters. People that chew, slurp & cham as they eat. Few things more annoying & off-putting, especially if I'm trying to eat myself.

- Hangovers. Too old to deal with hangovers these days. They now normally last a couple of days, too. Eurgh!

- Needles. The one thing I truly have a phobia about. Will do pretty much anything to avoid anything to do with them.

- The constant use of "lol" or "literally". "Oh, I literally cannot wait!". Well you can, you idiot. What's going to happen between now & then - are you going to spontaneously combust?! No!

- Fancy dress. I will NEVER attend a party or event where I have to dress up. You know when you're out having a drink & you see a load of pissed-up idiots in fancy dress & you think "Oh, what a bunch of dicks!"? That's people think of you when you're out in fancy dress.

- The term 'man-flu'. I especially hate this (& will probably retort) when I say I'm ill & someone says "What's he matter?". I reply "I've got a bit of a cold". "Oh, you've got man-flu". No. I've got a fucking cold like I just told you, you infuriating fool!