It's official..... Helsinki, here I come!

The decision was taken over a month ago & the flight was booked a number of weeks ago ...... but yesterday it became 'official'. Yesterday I handed my notice in at work, so I officially now have less than 5 weeks at work & exactly 5 weeks (at the time of writing) until I land in Helsinki to start a new chapter in my nomad-like life!

Over the last couple of weeks there have been many a sleepless night, & I'm sure there are many more to come. The worry about the lack of money, finding somewhere to live, looking for a job, the thought of having to get myself in countless places once in Finland so that I can obtain a residency permit & then be able to claim benefits etc should I need to - which, looking at the current job situation, is quite likely.

But, despite the worries & challenges, it feels like a weight off my shoulders. Things will no doubt be tough for the first couple of months & maybe even beyond that, but the thought of being near Pessi & actually seeing him properly every week completely outweighs all the possible pitfalls.

Over the last few weeks I've ramped up my search for a new job & somewhere to live. Finland is still a place where contacts & networking mean an awful lot, so I've made a conscious effort to get in touch with certain people in certain companies/industries for work, as well as opening lines of engagement through various blogs, forums & groups in the hope I can find somewhere decent & cheap to live initially. The joys of the internet have led me to meet some great people who have offered advice, information, help & even a helping hand when it comes to somewhere to stay - all very much appreciated! The ex has also been a great help - offering information, answering random questions, being a translation service & also agreeing to pick me up from the airport on my arrival & letting me stay at hers on the the first night - all of which will make my arrival that much easier & more enjoyable. I'd probably be lost, or at least panicing & stressing more, if she wasn't being so helpful.

The moving preparation began last week. I moved out of my place & have come back to my mum's place for the remainder of my time in the UK. Money is one of my main worries, so doing this saves me a good couple of months rent, so although it can at times be a bit of a struggle, it's well worth it. Over the last week I've spent time in the loft getting rid of all the stuff I've been saving in case I ever needed it again. The de-cluttering process is liberating in some ways - getting rid of all the crap you hold on to for no real reason. Huge amounts have been given away to people & charity & binned. I've replaced a few key things & tried to down-size where possible. My life now consists of a suitcase & a holdall that I'm living out of, & a few more things that are still in the loft & that I may see again one day once settled etc in Finland.

So, for now, back to the loft to shift another box & then back to what seems like endless emails to companies & people to sort out somewhere to live & keep plugging away at trying to find that elusive job that I so desperately need/want!