My iPhone Home screen and set up

I'm always intrigued as to how people have their iPhones set up and why. As I've mentioned in previous blogs, my iPhone pretty much runs my life. It tells where I should be and when, as well as how to get there. And for a foreigner living in a country where I don't actually speak the language, having a device such as an iPhone is invaluable! The guys over at iMore have recently been showing the set ups of their devices, so I thought I'd post mine as well as why it's set up like it is and why I use certain apps. Rene's iPad Air set up can be found here. Rene's iPhone 5s set up can be found here. Ally's iPhone set up can be found here.

iPhone Home screen
iPhone Home screen
iPhone page 2
iPhone page 2

So now, here's mine:

Set up: So my iPhone is the white/silver 16GB 5s on the Saunalahti network (part of Elisa) here in Finland. My phone also acts as a hotspot for me as my local wifi connection is only 2mb, whereas my 4G speeds via my phone normally run at 45-50mb - so it pretty much constantly stays connected to my MacBook Air. I'm also a big fan of the Do Not Disturb feature on the iPhone. Mine is set up to come on at 11pm each night until 9am - this ensures I don't get woken by anything except emergency calls from certain people. The wallpaper isn't for all. It's the blue BAPE camo design and I've only recently put it on there. I normally tend to stick to one background I like, but I've found recently I've been trying quite a few different ones ..... and I'm still undecided.

Home screen:

My Home screen is set up for the things I need, want and use the most - social media, messaging, and getting about in Finland (which after 8 months I still find confusing and bemusing at times).

- Calendar: This was one of the few things about iOS 7 I didn't like & I had been toying with paying for Fantastical. But from the iOS 7.1 betas it looks as if some improvements are being made to the calendar, so I'll stick with it for the time being. - Reminders: I use this quite a lot, but I only need the basic functionality, so have had no need to upgrade to a different app. - Notes: I've tried Evernote (along with on my Mac & in my browser) but just didn't use it enough. The stock Notes app does what I need it to do, so I've gone back to that. - Utilities folder: This is where I keep all the potentially handy things I may need, but might not actually use all that often or need to get in to quickly. In there is the likes of FaceTime, Instapaper, Wikipanion, Google, Dictionary, Speedtest, Dropbox, Convertbot, Airport Utility, Mega, Passbook, Google Drive, SkyDrive (OneDrive), Calculator, Find iPhone, Mobile Assist (for conference calling), 0800 Wizard, Box, and then the other stock apps - Safari etc. - Instagram: A big fan of this and I use it to post my own pictures, as well as keep up with brands, companies and people that I enjoy following. - Google maps: Gets me from A to B with no fuss when I'm out and about in the city. Apple Maps has improved recently and I like the new 3D mapping here in Finland, but Google still does it for me. - Finland folder: Here are all my random apps relating to my life here in Finland, including various translation apps, dictionary apps, GuidePal for Helsinki, Helsinki Airport and a couple of apps for the train service, VR. - iTranslate: My go to app for translations. Really well designed to fit with iOS 7 & has worked pretty much flawlessly for me out here. - ReittiGPS: The non-social app I probably use the most. This gives routes, directions and times for pretty much any journey that involves public transport here in Finland. I use this pretty much every time I need to leave the house & get a bus or train somewhere, as well as when I'm in Helsinki trying to find my way around! Absolutely invaluable for anyone in Finland with an iPhone. - Chrome: My browser of choice. I use it on the Mac too, so it's great to be able to sync everything between devices. It's memory and power hungry, but with the add-ons & auto-translate features it's something I'd be stuck without. - Messenger: I'm a big Facebook user, but not so much of the chat/messenger feature. Unfortunately, a lot of my friends are, so it tends to be the messaging app I end up using most frequently (but not out of choice). - Foursquare: A nice app, some deals to be had (although not so much in Finland), and a great tool to see what's around you, as well as reviews, when you're in a country you're still not all that familiar with. - Sky News: I like to keep up to date with the news and this gives me the headlines at a glance until I'm able to get online properly & read from other various/numerous sources.

In the dock (my most used apps): - Tweetbot 3: Best Twitter client hands-down. I've used most and none have been as good as Tweetbot. Version 3, with it's new design for iOS 7, is well worth spending a few £/$/Es on if you're a frequent user. - Facebook: Big Facebook fan and user. Not really a fan of the app itself (see previous blog post), but it gives me what I need when I'm not near my Mac. - Mail: I've tried various clients, but the stock app has been improved greatly through iOS 6-7, and this does what I need it to do. - Messages: A big fan of iMessage, so this gets used a lot.

Page 2:

- Social: All my other 'social' apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Wordpress, iMore, Tapatalk, Flipboard, Monster and BuzzFeed. - Games: I'm not really a games fan, but saying that, I'm completely addicted to Simpsons Tapped Out and Jurassic Park Builder! The other games in there are for my 3 year old son to play with occasionally. - Music: All the music related apps, such as Music, Remote, Vevo, Mixcloud, Shazam, Ringtonium (premium), Podcasts and the iTunes Store. - Media: All other things 'media' related - IMDb, YouTube, Flickr and Videos. - Finance: An app for my bank, S-Mobiili, PayPal & XE Currency. - Football: All my football related apps - Sky Sports Football Score Centre, Caught Offside, ESPN Goals, ESPN FC and FourFourTwo Stats Zone. - Weather: The stock app, which now looks very nice, as well as the beautiful Yahoo! Weather app. - Sport: All other sports related apps - Sky Sports, BBC Sport, ESPN Sports Centre, Eurosport & Couch-to-5k. - Travel: Since I left the UK, a LOT of apps in here have gone (I used to travel up & down the country every week for work), so now just the essential/useful apps - BA, Airport Angle, AroundMe, Europcar and Norwegian. - News: A few other news sites in case I want to browse other headlines - BBC News, C4 News and Breaking. - Shopping: Some online shopping retailers where I can look things up, research, check prices and order if need be (again, a fair few apps removed since I left the UK) - Amazon, eBay, Apple Store and ASOS. - Hotels: Always handy to have a few of these to check prices and availability for trips and people coming to visit -, Trip Advisor,, Expedia, Jurys Inn, Couchsurfing and Air BnB. - Food/Drink: Some handy apps on local places to go, as well as things to make myself -, Yelp, How To Cook Anything, Drinks Free (cocktail drinks guide), Starbucks. - World: Other mapping and webcam services - Apple Maps, HERE Maps, NASA, Google Earth and World View. - Soundboards: I used to have quite a few as they were amusing, but I never actually ever used them. I seem to have kept the two that amused me the most - Quotatron (Peep Show) and Fonejacker. - Twitter: My back-up apps - Birdbrain (for stats and usage), Tweetbot (2), Tweetings and Twitter for iPhone. - Books: I don't really use my iPhone to read, so iBooks & Newsstand are buried away in this folder at the end.

How do you have your iPhone or iPad set up, and what are your most used and favourite apps?