A new site is born - stephenpenny.com

I've been using WordPress for my blogging for about 4 years now. As a free service, and for someone who wants a simple, uncomplicated blog, it's been a great tool to have at my disposal. But over the last few months, as I've again ramped up my job search and researched companies and people, it's become apparent to me that the great companies I've been looking at, and their employees, generally all have really nice, slick websites and that this is something that maybe I should do to up my profile and get noticed a bit more (and more easily). I had toyed with the idea in the past, but could never really justify the spending the money and was also a bit bewildered and put-off by the amount of time and energy I'd have to invest in planning it, creating and setting it u and then maintaining it.

A lot of tech shows and podcasts that I listen to are sponsored by SquareSpace and they've been in the back of my mind ever since I started listening to Leo Laporte - as they sponsor some of his shows and he and Alex Lindsay personally recommend them. So last week I decided to give their 2 week free a trial a go. I registered on the Friday and by Sunday night I had a pretty-much complete website. I'd expected it to take weeks to complete and get it to how I'd like it, but it just took a matter of DAYS. As I'd done the work, had it looking good (in my opinion, anyway), had brilliant service from their live support function (even though I was yet to pay a penny), I though I'd go for it. And so stephenpenny.com was born!

So from now on, this WordPress site will be discontinued. I will leave it up for the time-being, but will not be posting here. All of my content - posts, comments, etc - will be moved over to stephenpenny.com this week. Once that is done it's just a case of minor tweaking here and there to get it all finalised.

So, please visit and bookmark stephenpenny.com. Have a look through the content and feel free to drop me an email or message with any comments, suggestions, feedback.

Thank you to everyone that has visited my blog on WordPress over the last few years. I've been blown away by numbers, shares, likes, comments and discussions. I hope to continue seeing everyone over at stephenpenny.com and an hoping to grow it even further in the future!

Much love.