20 things I like & don't like

Following on from the recent Twitter trend of posting 20 things you like/don't like, here are mine - an insight in to my mind

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Blogging about blogging & the week just gone

As the Norwich vs Chelsea game that's on at the moment is so dire, I thought I'd take this opportunity to do another quick blog. So it's been about a week since I did my first set of blogs & I have to say that I was shocked at the level of interest & so appreciative of all the great comments I received. I even had messages from people I hadn't spoken to in years, saying that they'd read them & offering advice & encouragment - amazing stuff. Over the course of the week I've received about 300 views - certainly not the thousands that some people get, but as a starting point I'm more than happy & encouraged. So a big thank you to all those that took the time to read, & especially those that also took the additional time to get in contact about the blog.

Another bonus was that thanks to Chloe another blog - Migrant Tales - also picked up my post on Finland & posted it on their own blog - which certainly create quite a bit of debate amongst some of the users (60 comments/rantings so far) ..... but more importantly, also got me some more valuable information.

So it would seem that taking the time to write about what's been going on has already started to pay dividends. :-)

The week just gone hasn't been particularly exciting. It's mainly been work, work, work, unfortunately. 11 hour days every day pretty much & a ton of work to get done. I spent Friday in one of our operational centres in Edgbaston (near Birmingham city centre) & will be in Leicester all day Monday & then Manchester on Wednesday - it's going to be a long & tiring week ahead. On a plus, I've been given some additional stuff to manage as part of our project which will be a huge challenge, but will increase both my profile & knowledge ten fold (hopefully), & have also become a "MySite champion" for our Change Delivery team. MySite is basically like a Facebook for organisations & is used as a tool to interact with other colleagues, ask questions/get answers & increase knowledge & awareness across the business (all by asking in public or creating groups/"spheres"). It's in its early stages at the moment, but looks like it could become a really good tool if the roll-out continues & we really push for everyone's buy in. ....... Does anyone else happen to use MySite in their organisation? Any tips, feedback, ideas, learning experiences would be greatly appreciated!

I also got some results/analysis from the tests I did for an agency in Finland just before & after Christmas. The analysis looks decent & gives my strengths/weaknesses & there's nothing particularly negative on there. They've been passed back to the guy who's working on finding me role, so will hopefully have some further feedback & news at some point soon. *fingers crossed*

This week has also seen the onset of winter. Not so much in the UK, as it's as miserable as ever here, but in Finland. From all the tweets & pictures I've seen, the snow really is falling over there at the moment. The cold there is definitely a different type of cold to which we get in the UK - the temperatures are so much lower, but it's a drier cold (not damp/rainy) & therefore seems much more bearable - at least to me anyway. Seeing all the pictures on Facebook & Twitter really does make me miss the place & want to be there even more. Owly Images Owly Images Images courtesy of James Bassett

This is also Pessi's first winter where he's up & about & able to go outside & enjoy the snow - he certainly seems to be liking it so far!