Away from work I have varying interests, ranging from sports, to popular culture, to fashion, to lifestyle and technology. Below, in no particular order, are some links to products and sites I enjoy.

BBC (Billionaire Boys Club) / Ice Cream (EU website) - My favourite clothing brand.

The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo) / N*E*R*D - I'm a music nut, and these guys are up there as some of my favourite producers, writers and artists. This is a great fan site run by lots of fans that have been around for nearly 15 years now.

i am OTHER - Creative/design company from Pharrell Williams.

Hypetrak - A good site to catch up on a wide selection of music. - A great source of all things Apple related. They also have a large network covering other mobile hardware and software suppliers, as well as their numerous podcasts covering all things mobile tech-related. - I'm a regular viewer/listener of MacBreak Weekly, The Tech Guy, This Week in Tech, iFive for the iPhone, and various other live shows and podcasts. A great tv/radio network run by Leo Laporte covering all things tech-related.