Subscribing to the Otherz Podcast

The Otherz Podcast is now live and you can subscribe via your favourite podcast app!

Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be adding the podcast to more directories and podcast platforms, but for now there are three main ways you can listen to the podcast.

  • The website - Once each episode goes live, we'll also embed them here on the blog ( s that you can listen to them from any browser. Posts will also include show notes and links.
  • iTunes (and supporting podcast apps) - The iTunes directory is the largest podcast directory online and most apps pull podcast feeds from here, so we should show up by searching "otherz podcast" in most apps. If we don't appear in your podcast app, le us know what you're using (as an example, Stitcher uses its own directory, so we need to submit the podcast feed there separately).

The direct link to the podcast in iTunes is:

If you use an iPhone, just download Apple's own Podcasts app and you'll find us in there (although we do highly recommend you try out the brilliant Overcast podcast app).